Setup Linux Driver

To use FC602 USB 100BASE-T1 Stick or FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick on Linux, no special kernel driver is required. On Linux systems like Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, …, Broadway2 API is enabled by just installing/using libbroadway2 module.

FC602/FC621 implements a standard network device and is automatically found supporting USB CDC-ECM standard by Linux standard kernel modules.

Download Software Package #

Download Broadway2 Linux Software Package from

Extract zip to any location

unzip -d LSP_Broadway_Vxx-yy-zz

Install Broadway API #

Select right folder matching your environment

Copy shared-object to local path and update cache with

sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

ALTERNATIVE manually with

cp /usr/local/lib
sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib

Test Sample #

Go to folder where test sample is located

Change mode of broadway sample

chmod +x broadway2_sample

Run broadway2_sample

sudo ./broadway2_sample info

Install Python apps #

First, make sure to download and install the lastest version of python

sudo apt-get install python3

Unzip python3/ to folder of choice

Open console here and run installer

sudo python3 install

In the app folder you can find all broadway python apps

  • root: general apps for all FibreCode products
  • net: Network apps for FC602/FC621
  • raw: Raw apps for FC621/FC631
  • tool: Tool apps for FC401

To use the samples run

sudo python3 <>