TC10 – 100BASE-T1 Sleep/Wakeup using PHY Control NXP

Preparations #

Download and start PHY Control NXP as described here: PHY Control NXP

After power-up, NXP TJA110x is not configured for TC10 standard. Using python GUI describes here to bring TJA110x in standard TC10 mode.

Configure TC10 standard #

Config Enable must be active to control register write access

Verify, if autonomous or host-controlled behavior is needed. AutoOP checkbox can be activated to bring NXP TJA110x in right mode.
Note: This will change behavior of TC10 state-machine. More details can be found in TJA110x datasheet.

Control Sleep/Wakeup #

After enable of TC10 checkbox, NXP TJA110x will now behave for 100BASE-T1 sleep/wakeup as specified in open alliance TC10. Use SetPowerMode button to control internal and external states of local and remote link

Use Wakeup, Force Sleep to control remote sequence for wakeup and sleep

Demo setup #

Overview #

For this simple example we are using 1x FC602 and 1x FC612 on same host each Stick with own PHY Control NXP instance

Start PHY control NXP twice and select connected Sticks

Go through steps above to configure TC10 and Sleep/Wakeup

Sleep request #

Send SLEEP-REQUEST to send device in sleep mode

Wakeup trigger #

So successfully wake device in sleep state, disable AutoOp

set PHY in STANDBY mode

set PHY in NORMAL mode

Then send TRIGGER_WAKE to wake other device

Now enable AutoOp to bring back link