Register Access – PHY Control ADI (10BASE-T1L)

Python GUI for ADIN1100 Register access for full control of all 10BASE-T1L features like Force/Advertise Master/Slave, Loopback Modes and much more…

Download #

Get python gui for full-access to all ADIN1100 properties via direct register access.

Download PHY Control ADI here: FibreCode HiDrive Downloads

Start GUI #

Unzip and launch:

> python

Settings and Control #

To start, select FibreCode Adapter

Phy-Control/Status #

Use Buttons and Tabs to configure, control or view ADI ADIN1100 registers.

Control-Access is available via identical Broadway2-API on FC621 and FC631.

In addition using USB Media-Converters FC621 or FC631, same GUI can also be used on custom designs where connection to ADIN1100 MDIO/MDC (SMI) is connected via FC401 to USB host.

SMI-Register #

Read SMI Register values

Info #

Show adapter info